Allu 秉承為顧客提供個性化體驗的服務宗旨, 「時計修理工房」現已正式加入服務。 任何腕錶款式, 不論更換電池, 機芯全面維修, 外觀整理或其他損壞, 我們經驗及技術豐富的專業技師都能為閣下的腕錶進行維修服務!

How Does It Work?

  • Send Pictures

    Send us pictures of your watch you wish to repair

  • Bring Your Watch

    把你的手錶帶到 Allu

  • Get A Quote

    Quotation takes 3 days to 14 days

  • Repair

    Once you accept our quote, we will start the repair

  • Receive

    Once completed, we will notify you to pickup


79 repair stores in Japan

We have 79 repair and maintenance service stores throughout Japan and perform more than 16,000 repairs every year. Now our Tsim She Tsui office provides the service.


We provide a 1-year warranty for the repaired watch and 6 months for antique watches. The warranty only covers natural failures caused by normal usage. Waterproofing is not within the scope.


Our engineers have obtained the "WOSTEP" professional certification, which is well-recognised as the world's best watch engineer training program. We can repair any watches.

Latest Equipment

We have the latest equipment, including an "automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine" and precision measuring instruments for quartz watches that ordinal shops don't have.


Quartz Watches

Battery Replacement

HKD 150 up


HKD 500 ~ Negotiable in-person
2, 3 hands


Negotiable in-person
Chronograph & Complication

Watch Polishing

HKD 500 up
ALLU watch repair

Mechanical Watches (Self-winding, Manual winding)


HKD 1500 ~ Negotiable in-person
2, 3 hands


HKD 1800 ~ Negotiable in-person

- Simple complication: Annual calendar, Retrograde, Moon phase, etc.
- Complication: Perpetual calendar, tourbillon, split-seconds, etc.
- Chronograph · Other complications.

Watch Polishing

HKD 800 up

Renovation and Polish


HKD 200 ~ Negotiable in-person
1 part: crown or button etc..


HKD 1,400 ~ Negotiable in-person
ALLU watch repair


  1. If cancel the quote for watch repair, the watch will be returned within 2 weeks.  

  2. The company reserves the right to provide services based on the use and damage of the watch and the supply of watch parts.  

  3. If the watch does not meet the company’s standards or the watch has been modified, the company reserves the right to provide services. 

  4. In general, quartz or mechanical watches have a 1-year warranty, and vintage watches have a half-year warranty, but not include damage due to exposure to water or damage caused by misuse. 

  5. When a watch with a waterproof function is being repaired, a test will be performed after the repair to determine whether the waterproof function properly, but the waterproof function cannot be guaranteed.  

  6. The actual quote determined after assessment.